Behind the Green Door

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Behind the Green Door

A Critical Look at Sustainable Architecture Through 600 Objects

Publisher:  [NO] Oslo Architecture Triennale    

Oslo Architecture Triennale

Author: by Rotor
Paperback,  240x170mm,  368p,  
English edition     
Publication date:  [04/14]<     

ISBN: 9788299937016 
ISBN-13: 9788299937016

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The book Behind the Green Door is a richly illustrated critical portrait of the concrete consequences and paradoxes of sustainability as a dominating paradigm within architecture and urban planning. Drawing on a one-year long investigation carried out for the Oslo Architecture Triennale, Rotor presents and contextualizes the 600 objects gathered for its main exhibition (building models, samples, specialized construction tools, campaign posters, footage of lobbyist gatherings, etc.). As a secondary layer of content, the book contains 300 short comments by prominent architects, critics and scholars from around the world. The publication is presented in an accessible, visual compelling and thought-provoking manner, and will interest engaged citizens, experts, practitioners, activists and politicians alike.

Rotor, founded in 2005, is a collective with a shared interest in material flows in industry and construction. With publications, lectures, and exhibitions, Rotor develops critical positions on design, material resources, waste, and reuse. On a practical level, the collective also conceives and realizes design and architectural projects.

The Oslo Architecture Triennale is the Nordic region's biggest architecture festival, held every third year in Oslo. Through exhibitions, conferences, debates, competitions, publications and events in different formats and media, OAT seeks to challenge the field of architecture and urbanism, as well as to engage, inspire and raise awareness among the public and decision-makers.

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